So, let me just say this: I”m so happy for Luke Bryan. I spent all of yesterday listening to his songs and although most of them are about getting laid and getting drunk, they’re fun and he puts on quite a show, from what I’ve seen in videos. His acceptance speech was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a long time. However, if you say the ACMs weren’t rigged, I’d like to burst your bubble because they were rigged. End of discussion. Taylor has around 26 million followers and +41 million facebook likes. Luke Bryan has a little over 1 million twitter followers. This was a fan-voted award. Taylor did nothing but ask people to vote for her for the last week. She made memes. She made videos. Tumblr blogs reblogged posts asking to vote for Taylor. Taylor’s fanbase is a hundred times huger than Luke’s. Again, this is a fan-voted award. Taylor won, they just changed the name on the paper. I’m very disappointed at the Association of Country Music. They just nominate Taylor so that her loyal, huge fanbase will watch the awards show, but she isn’t eligible to win to begin with. When they nominate her, her name is already off the table. They just want to take advantage of her name and fame. It’s true that, maybe, it’s time that Taylor stops stealing country awards from people who are more country that she is, but it’s also time that the Country Music stops taking advantage of her. If you don’t think she deserves country awards, don’t nominate her. Taylor’s always nominated for no-specific-genre awards, she doesn’t need yours. She doesn’t need this ridiculousness. It’s awful that Country Music is taking advantage of someone who made it erupt from the ashes. This is pathetic, really. And again, give it up for Luke Bryan. He deserved it so much.

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